We, the Rajasthani people of Tamilnadu conscious of the need for adequate civic and leadership training of the people;to enable them to exercise decisive influence for the just solution of the problem of its members and of general public and with a view to promote cordiality, understanding and goodwill among all sections of the people and to uphold justice, social, political and economic condition in the day to day life of the people..


Awards given to Meritorious Rajasthanis in various fields To recognize the services of members of Rajasthani Community dedicated to the social and in other fields, the Rajasthani Tamilnadu has instituted AWARDS viz “RAJASTHAN RATNA”, “RAJASTHAN SHREE” and “RAJASTHAN YUVA RATNA”. Rajasthan Ratna is being presented to a member of Rajasthani Community who has selflessly devoted..


MOHINIDEVI HIRACHAND NAHAR RAJASTHANI DHARMASALA - To help the poor cancer patients coming to Chennai for undergoing treatment in Cancer Institute at Adyar, from all over India. The Rajasthani Association Tamilnadu constructed a Dharmasala named it as Mohandevi Hirachand Nahar Rajasthani Dharmasala in an area of 18,200 sq.ft in the place provided by Cancer Institute at a cost of nearly one crore.

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